Hi, I'm Dr. Jessica Samaroo

My aim is to provide the highest quality, compassionate services to aid in your journey of healing from past physical, mental, and emotional traumas. By recentering the mind and body, my goal is to allow you to heal and regain control of your life. My vision is ensuring that every survivor who walks through our door is able to establish a loving, healing, kind and compassionate relationship with themselves as this is the ‘Gateway to Healing’

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Meet Dr. Jessica Samaroo

Dr. Samaroo is a Naturopathic physician that specializes in Integrative Mental Health, Digestive and Hormonal Disorders.

My goal is to combine the wisdom of naturopathic medicine with my conventional medicine training to provide the highest quality patient care and outcomes.

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Integrative Mental Health, Digestive Disturbances and Hormonal Imbalances

Integrative Mental Health is a unique approach to mental health disorders which explores all of the possible factors that could be contributing to a person’s imbalanced state of health. Personalized treatment plans are developed which take into account the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects that encompasses us as unique human beings.

Packages offered include:

  • Restoring the Sense of Self in the Aftermath of Trauma
  • Quieting the Anxious Brain
  • Stress Buster Package
  • The 4 R Program to Restore Optimal Gut Function
  • Re-balance Your Hormones
  • Remote Neurofeedback

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