Survivor to Thrivor Program

Survivor to Thrivor Consciousness – Reclaim control over your life.

Moving from victim consciousness to survivor consciousness to thriving consciousness is a…

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The Impact of Stress On Our Body

Stress is actually not all bad. Stress is a normal human reaction. In fact, the human body is…

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Power of Sharing Your Story – Sexual Assault Awareness Month – April 2022

As we approach Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I just wanted to share this post as a reminder that…

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Woman meditating on beach

How Mindfulness Meditation can Enhance Your Health and Well-being

Mindfulness meditation has become a trending practice with nearly 4.3 million U.S. adults engaging…

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Breathe written in letters over plants

The Benefits of Conscious Breathing

Stress can present a danger to our immune system when we find ourselves continuously on the go. Our…

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Woman doing neurofeedback

How Neurofeedback is changing the brain function of those suffering with PTSD.

PTSD is a debilitating disorder that occurs in the aftermath of psychological trauma. Click here to…

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Child sitting in wheat field

The Impact of Neurofeedback on Developmental Trauma

Exposure to early life stressors can have detrimental impacts to an individuals mental health and…

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I am...

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Just as you would express your love for another through compliments and praise, you should also…

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Woman having her brainwaves measured

Regulating the Nervous System with Mindfulness and Compassion Training

Learn about how Mindfulness and Compassion training can facilitate neuroplasticity of your brain…

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You are worthy of love sign

Cultivating Self-love and Kindness

Do you know what it means to fully and whole-heartedly love yourself? The fact is that loving…

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