Have you been diagnosed with heart disease, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, anxiety, depression, addiction, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue?

Are you continuing to suffer despite many attempts at treating your disorder?

Do you have a history of childhood trauma?

Has your doctor inquired about your past traumatic history?

Is your doctor addressing those past traumatic experiences in addition to your physical ailments?

Are those past life experiences still affecting you in ways that you are unaware of?

Have you heard about the Adverse Childhood Event study?

Let me explain the ACE study as it might be one of the biggest underlying factors to your current state of health that you are unaware of.

The ACE study is by far one of the largest studies done to date. The study was comprised of 17,421 participants and the aim was to identify two basic things:

  1. The relationship between exposure to abuse and/or household dysfunction in childhood and adult health-risk behavior such as alcoholism, smoking, severe obesity, addition etc
  2. The relationship between exposure to abuse and/or household dysfunction in childhood and

The goal was to determine each person’s level of exposure by asking if he or she had been exposed to any one of the following ten categories before the age of eighteen. These included emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, physical neglect, emotional neglect, substance abuse in the household, mental illness in the household, mother treated violently, divorce or parental separation, and criminal behavior in the household.16 Each of these categories of abuse, neglect or dysfunction counted as one point.16 Using this data, the researchers correlated the ACE scores with health-risk behaviors and health outcomes. 16

What the researchers found was astonishing. About two-thirds of the research participants in the study experienced some form of trauma in their early childhood years.16 This study was the stepping stone into understanding the profound relationship between adverse childhood events and adulthood emotional states, health risks behaviors, disease states, sexual behaviors, disability and healthcare cost decades after the trauma has occurred. We now have a much better understanding of the underlying causes of some mental health and physical disorders as a result of the ACE study.